Sr.Nadia's Paradise


School Year is Coming to an end

We have a full two months to get those grades up and finish the school year with heads full of knowledge.

Grade 6

Were done I had a wonderful time teaching you all.  Keep me in your duaa and have a great blessed Summer.

Salam Sr. Nadia
Remember pray for Jannatul Firdous Al3la

Grade 7

Almost there....No your there....Grade 8 is the next classroom.  I pray for all your success in the future...I enjoyed the ups and downs this year and will always remember each and every one of you...Keep me in  your Duaa. 

  Grade 8

Allahu Akbar!   Life outside of Al-Hijra has begun.  Please take care of yourselves your deen and your dunya but you know me your Deen is more important to me.   See you in Ramadan inshaAllah in the Masjid and halls of Al-Hijra.  All the best and keep me in your duaa.....Salam Sr. Nadia